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Our platform enables precise, multiplexed, accelerated, cloning-free genetic tools to precisely manipulate gene regulation. The platform can generate hundreds to thousands of NanoligomersTM in days that can be delivered using custom formulations for specific organ targeting carriers to provide rapid, specific, and effective therapeutic candidates for a range of diseases. Specifically, Sachi’s NanoligomersTM are being developed for applications in oncology, immune engineering, regulation of human microbiome, pandemic response, and to target autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases.



Rapid manipulation of gene expression and genetic engineering of microbes using Sachi’s platform is being used in collaboration with other partners to rapidly develop custom organisms (model and non-model) for optimized biofuel generation, manipulation of metabolism for novel microbes, and improving bioreactor performance by organism engineering.



Sachi is collaborating with partners to develop the next generation of plants to improve growth and increase crop yield, decrease water consumption, improve resistance to crop diseases, and significantly reduce or eliminate need for use of harmful pesticides and insecticides, without compromising plant health.

Transforming Discovery with Revolutionary Nucleic Acid Technology

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