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Sachi SB8.U.1_EPO and SB1.U.2_CSF2 safely boost host immune response


Sachi Nanoligomer™ platform was utilized to test more than 17 immunomodulatory targets up- and down-, to identify best-in-class and first-in-class molecules SB8.U.1_EPO and SB1.U.2_CSF2 that can safely boost host immune system.(Ref. 1)








These molecules not only activate multilineage immune defense like their recombinant protein counterpart (GM-CSF Leukine),(Refs. 2–5) but unlike GM-CSF cytokine that activates only pro-inflammatory response and hence contraindicated in patients with known sensitivity to auto-immune diseases.  It activates anti-inflammatory cytokines, maintains balance of Th1/Th2/ and Th17 cells, and also shown to upregulate Treg cells, showing a balanced and true immune boost (not just pro-inflammatory) increasing it’s potential applicability as a prophylactic and therapeutic for a range of conditions from compromised immune system (e.g. patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy) to broad-spectrum pathogen-agnostic anti-infective (anti-viral,(Refs. 3,5–9) anti-fungal,(Refs. 2,10) anti-bacterial(Refs. 2,3,9–11))

Immune progress.png


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