Transforming discovery with accelerated synthesis, validation, and production of specific nucleic acid therapies.

Cloning-free approach using our platform for rapid target discovery and validation: design, build, test, and learn.
Improved specificity and transport, low off-target effects, multiplexing and multidimensional target validation.


Bioinformatics toolbox for NanoligomerTM. Our proprietary platform utilizes our state-of-the-art bioinformatics toolbox to target any gene in any organism, to selectively upregulate or downregulate the gene of interest. Our bioinformatics toolbox integrates in a single platform for a high-throughput design.



High-throughput Build. Our rapid and high-throughput build platform leads to massively parallel synthesis, purification, and delivery of our proprietary NanoligomerTM molecules, leading to design and synthesis of hundreds to thousands of high-purity agents per day.


Multiplexed, multidimensional TEST for rapid target discovery and validation. Our high-throughput testing allows rapid test of NanoligomersTM developed through the platform for massively parallel testing for different applications such as microbiome, immune engineering, antimicrobials, bioenergy and biofuel, etc.



LEARN multiple target outcomes for improved design. Using machine learning algorithms, our platform analyzes targeting of different gene expression outputs, to learn and inform design, to optimize applications in different impact areas.

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