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Space Medicine

Sachi’s Space and Personalized Medicine Portfolio Makes Big Strides Forward

Space is nominally considered a “harsh” environment, with several environmental stressors like radiation, microgravity, causing dysfunction in physiological processes.(Refs. 1,2) Besides, unlike terrestrial medicine, survival of space tourists and astronauts depends on personalized and precision countermeasures optimized to reverse adverse health outcomes.







Sachi Bio has leveraged their proprietary Nanoligomer™ discovery engine to rapidly develop key countermeasures to reverse radiation-induced dysfunction in immune, neurodegeneration, etc. Further, Sachi is leveraging the unique opportunity space offers for accelerated ageing, neurodegeneration, and potential cancer progression, to rapidly manufacture and test therapeutics in space for terrestrial applications. Some of the recently released data on SB8.U.1_EPO shows reversal of radiation-induced immune dysfunction,(Ref. 3) along with other key lead molecules that act as highly effective neurotherapeutics. This represents a giant leap in countermeasure development for space medicine, as well as precision and personalized medicine for terrestrial applications, to rapidly accelerate drug-discovery and translation and commercial applications in space.

Space medicine progress.png


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