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Safety and biodistribution of NanoligomersTM targeting SARS-CoV-2 genome for treatment of COVID-19.

Colleen Rei McCollum, Colleen M Courtney, Nolan J O'Connor, Thomas R Aunins, Tristan X Jordan, Keegan Rogers, Stephen Brindley, Jared M Brown, Prashant Nagpal, Anushree Chatterjee* (2023).  ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering 9(3):1656-1671.

Identifying an Optimal Neuroinflammation Treatment Using a Nanoligomer Discovery Engine

Sadhana Sharma, Curtis Borski, Jessica Hanson, Micklaus A. Garcia, Christopher D. Link, Charles Hoeffer, Anushree Chatterjee, and ,Prashant Nagpal* (2022) ACS Chem. Neurosci. 2022, 13, 23, 3247–3256.

Nanoligomers     targeting human miRNA for treatment of severe COVID-19 are safe and nontoxic in mice.

Colleen McCollum, Colleen Courtney, Nolan O'Connor, Thomas Aunins, Yuchen Ding, Tristan Jordan, Keegan Rogers, Stephen Brindley, Jared Brown, Prashant Nagpal, and, Anushree Chatterjee* (2022). ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering 8(7) 3087-3106. 

Reversing Radiation-Induced Immunosuppression Using a New Therapeutic Modality

Colleen M Courtney, Sadhana Sharma, Christina Fallgren, Michael M Weil, Anushree Chatterjee, Prashant Nagpal* (2022). Life Sciences in Space Research, 35, 127-39.

Role of miR-2392 in driving SARS-CoV-2 infection.

J. Tyson McDonald, Francisco J. Enguita, Deanne Taylor, Robert J. Griffin, Waldemar Priebe, Mark R. Emmett, Mohammad M. Sajadi, Anthony D. Harris, Jean Clement, Joseph M.Dybas, Nukhet Aykin-Burns, Joseph W. Guarnieri, Larry N.Singh, Peter Grabham, Stephen B. Baylin, Aliza Yousey, Andrea N. Pearson, Peter M. Corry, Amanda Saravia-Butler, Thomas R. Aunins, Sadhana Sharma, Prashant Nagpal, Cem Meydan, Jonathan Foox, Christopher Mozsary, Bianca Cerqueira, Viktorija Zaksas, Urminder Singh, Eve Syrkin Wurtele, Sylvain V. Costes, Diego Galeano, Alberto Paccanaro, Suzanne L. Meinig, Robert S. Hagan, Natalie M.Bowman, UNC COVID-19 Pathobiology Consortium, Matthew C. Wolfgang, Selin Altinok, Nicolae Sapoval, Todd J. Treangen, Pedro M. Moraes-Vieira, Charles Vanderburg, Douglas C. Wallace, Jonathan C. Schisler, Christopher E. Mason, Anushree Chatterjee, Robert Meller, and Afshin Beheshti* (2021). Cell Reports. Volume 37, Issue 3, 19 October 2021, 109839.

Potentiating antibiotic treatment using fitness-neutral gene expression perturbations.

Peter B. Otoupal#, Kristen A. Eller#, Keesha E. Erickson,  Jocelyn K. Campos, Thomas R. Aunins, Anushree Chatterjee* (2021). Nature Communications Biology 4 (1267).

Facile accelerated specific therapeutic (FAST) platform develops antisense therapies to counter multidrug-resistant bacteria. 

Kristen A. Eller, Thomas R. Aunins, Colleen M. Courtney, Jocelyn K. Campos, Peter B. Otoupal, Keesha E. Erickson, Nancy E. Madinger, and Anushree Chatterjee* (2021). Nature Communications Biology 4:331.

Photoactivated indium phosphide quantum dots treat multi-drug resistant bacterial abscesses in vivo.

Colleen R. McCollum, John R. Bertram, Prashant Nagpal, and Anushree Chatterjee* (2021). ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13(26), 30404–30419.

Tethering transforming growth factor β1 to soft hydrogels guides vascular smooth muscle commitment from human mesenchymal stem cells.

Yonghui Ding, Richard Johnson, Sadhana Sharma, Xiaoyun Ding, Stephanie J Bryant and Wei Tan* (2020). Acta Biomateralia 105 , 68-77.

Transcriptome-based design of antisense inhibitors potentiates carbapenem efficacy in CRE E. coli.

Thomas R. Aunins, Keesha E. Erickson, Anushree Chatterjee* (2020). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117(48) 30699-30709.

Gold nanoclusters cause selective light-driven biochemical catalysis in living nano-biohybrid organisms

Bertram J.R., Ding Y., Nagpal P* (2020). Nanoscale Advances, 2, 2363-2370.

Nucleotide and Structural Label Identification in Single RNA Molecules with Quantum Tunneling Spectroscopy.

Gary R. Abel, Lee E. Korshoj, Peter B. Otoupal, Sajida A. Khan, Anushree Chatterjee, and Prashant Nagpal* (2019). Chemical Sciences- Royal Society of Chemistry 10, 1052-1063.

Co-doping metal oxide nanotubes: Superlinear photoresponse and multianalyte sensing.

Saleh I.K., Ding Y., Nagpal P.* (2019). Materials Research Express, 6, 1150b1. 

Near-infrared light triggered antimicrobial indium phosphide quantum dots

Levy M., Bertram J.R., Eller, K.A., Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.* (2019). Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 58, 11414.

Diagnostic optical sequencing.

Korshoj L.E., Nagpal P.* (2019). ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 11, 35587.


Isolating the Escherichia coli transcriptomic response to superoxide generation from cadmium chalcogenide quantum dots.

Aunins T.R., Eller K.A., Courtney C.M., Levy M., Goodman S.M., Nagpal P., Chatterjee A.* (2019). ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 5, 4206.

Photophysical color tuning for photon upconverting nanoparticles.

Sun Q.-C., Ding Y., Nagpal P.* (2019). ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 11, 27011.

Nanorg microbial factories: Light-driven renewable biochemical synthesis using quantum dot-bacteria nano-biohybrids.

Ding Y., Bertram J.R., Eckert C., Bommareddy R.R., Patel R., Conradie A., Bryan S., Nagpal P.* (2019), Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141, 10272. 

BOCS: DNA k-mer content and scoring for rapid genetic biomarker identification at low coverage.

Korshoj L.E., Nagpal P.* (2019). Computers in Biology and Medicine, 110, 196.

Tuning ternary Zn1-xCdxTe quantum dot composition: Engineering electronic states for light-activated superoxide generation as a therapeutic against multidrug-resistant bacteria.

Levy M., Chowdhury P.P., Eller, K.A., Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.* (2019), ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 5, 3111. 

Quantum dot therapeutics: a new class of radical therapies.

Levy M., Chowdhury P.P., Nagpal P.*(2019). Journal of Biological Engineering, 13:48. 


Multiplexed deactivated CRISPR-Cas9 gene expression perturbations deter bacterial adaptation by inducing negative epistasis.

Otoupal P.B., Cordell W.T., Bachu V., Sitton M.J., and Chatterjee A.* (2018). Nature Communications Biology 1:129.

Spaceflight modifies Escherichia coli gene expression in response to antibiotic exposure and reveals role of oxidative stress.

Thomas R. Aunins, Keesha E. Erickson, Nripesh Prasad, Shawn E. Levy, Angela Jones, Shristi Shrestha, Rick Mastracchio, Louis Stodieck, David Klaus, Luis Zea*, Anushree Chatterjee* (2018). Frontiers in Microbiology 9:310.

Biomimetic soft fibrous hydrogels for contractile and pharmacologically responsive smooth muscle.

Yonghui Ding, Xin Xu, Sadhana Sharma, Michael Floren, Kurt R Stenmark, Stephanie J Bryant, Corey P. Neu and Wei Tan* (2018). Acta Biomateralia 74 121-130.

Effects of cell adhesion motif, fiber stiffness, and cyclic strain on tenocyte gene expression in a tendon mimetic fiber composite hydrogel.

Dharmesh Patel, Sadhana Sharma, Hazel RC Screen and Stephanie J Bryant* (2018). Biochem Biophys Res Commun 499(3), 642-647.

A photoclickable peptide microarray platform for facile and rapid screening of 3-D tissue microenvironments.

Sadhana Sharma, Michael Floren, Yonghui Ding, Kurt R Stenmark, Wei Tan and Stephanie J Bryant* (2017). Biomaterials 143 17-28.


Transcriptome level signatures in gene expression and gene expression variability during bacterial adaptive evolution. 

Erickson K.E., Otoupal P.B., and Chatterjee A.*(2017). mSphere 2:e00009-17.

Conformational Smear Characterization and Binning of Single-Molecule Conductance Measurements for Enhanced Molecular Recognition.

Lee E. Korshoj, Sepideh Afsari, Anushree Chatterjee, Prashant Nagpal* (2017).  The Journal of American Chemical Society 139 (43), pp 15420–15428.

High-throughput block optical DNA sequence identification.

Sagar D.M., Korshoj L.E., Hanson K., Chowdhury P.P., Otoupal P., Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.* (2018) Small , 14, 1703165.

Quantum point contact single-nucleotide conductance for DNA and RNA sequence identification

Afsari S., Korshoj L.E., Abel G.A., Khan S.K., Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.* (2017) ACS Nano , 11, 11169.


Single nucleobase identification using biophysical signatures from nanoelectronic quantum tunneling

Korshoj L.E., Afsari S., Khan S., Chatterjee A.*, Nagpal P.* (2017). Small, 13, 1603033.

Split-Wedge Antennas with Sub-5 nm Gaps for Plasmonic Nanofocusing

Chen X., Lindquist N.C., Klemme D.J., Nagpal P., Norris D.J., Oh S.H.* (2016), Nano Letters, 16, 7849.

Photoexcited Quantum Dots for Killing Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria. 

Colleen M. Courtney#, Samuel Goodman#, Jessica Mc Daniel, Nancy Madinger, Anushree Chatterjee*, and Prashant Nagpal* (2016). Nature Materials 15, 529-534.


Sequence-specific peptide nucleic acid based antisense inhibitors of TEM-1 beta-lactamase and mechanism of adaptive resistance.

Courtney C.M., and Chatterjee A.* (2015). ACS Infectious Diseases 1 (6), pp 253–263.


Multiple Energy Exciton Shelves in Quantum Dot-DNA Nano-Bioelectronics.

Goodman S.M., Singh V., Ribot J.C., Chatterjee A., Nagpal P* (2014).The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 5,3909.

Fabrication of Smooth Patterned Structures of Refractory Metals, Semiconductors, and Oxides via Template Stripping.

Hyuk J., Nagpal P., McPeak K.M., Lindquist N., Oh S.H., Norris D.J.* (2013). ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 5, 9701.

Potentiating clinical drug resistant bacteria via stimuli-activated superoxide generation

Colleen M. Courtney, Samuel Goodman, Toni Nagy, Max Levy, Pallavi Bhusal, Nancy E. Madinger, Corrella Detweiler, Prashant Nagpal*, and Anushree Chatterjee* (2017). Science Advances 3:e1701776.

Electrospray Encapsulation of Toll-Like Receptor Agonist Resiquimod in Polymer Microparticles for the Treatment of Visceral Leishmaniasis.

Anthony Doung, Sadhana Sharma, Kevin Peine, Gaurav Gupta, Abhay Satoskar, Eric Bachelder, Barbara Wyslouzil and Kristy M. Ainslie* (2013). Mol Pharm 10(3), 1045-55.

Rapid Vaccination using an Acetalated Dextran Microparticulate Subunit Vaccine Confers Protection Against Triplicate Challenge by Bacillus anthracis.

Kevin Schully, Sadhana Sharma, John T. Pesce, Andrea M. Keane-Myers, Eric Bachelder and Kristy M. Ainslie (2013).  Pharma Res 30(5) , 1349-1361.

Antagonistic self-sensing and mate-sensing signaling controls antibiotic-resistance transfer. 

Anushree Chatterjee#, Laura C. Cook#, Che-Chi Shu, Yuching Chen, Dawn Manias, Doraiswami Ramkrishna, Gary M. Dunny and Wei-Shou Hu* (2013). Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, 110(17), 7086-7090.

Enhanced Activity of Horse Radish Peroxidase Encapsulated in Acetalated Dextran Microparticles Stored Outside Cold Chain Conditions.

Sadhana Sharma, Naveen Kanthamneni, Samantha A. Meenach, Beau Billet, Ji.-C. Zhao, Eric Bachelder and Kristy M. Ainslie (2012). Int J Pharm 431(1-2) , 101-110.

Template-stripped smooth Ag nanohole arrays with silica shells for surface plasmon resonance biosensing

Im H., Lee S.H., Wittenberg, N.J., Johnson T.W., Lindquist N., Nagpal P., Norris D.J., Oh S.H.* (2011). ACS Nano, 5, 6244,

Convergent transcription confers a bistable switch in Enterococcus faecalis conjugation. 

Anushree Chatterjee, Christopher M. Johnson, Che-Chi Shu, Yiannis N. Kaznessis, Doraiswami Ramkrishna, Gary M. Dunny and Wei-Shou Hu* (2011). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108: 9721-9726

Role of mid-gap states in charge transport and photoconductivity in semiconductor nanocrystal films

Nagpal P., Klimov V.I.* (2011). Nature Communications, 2:486.

Fabrication of carbon/refractory metal nanocomposites as thermally stable metallic photonic crystals

Nagpal P., Josephson D.P., Denny N.R., DeWilde J., Norris D.J., Stein A.* (2011), Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21, 10836.

Nano-enabled Platforms for metastatic malignant melanoma.

Sadhana Sharma, John Shapiro, Robbie J. Walczak, and Piyush M. Sinha (2011). In Nanotechnology for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Ketul Popat (Editor) CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group LLC, 6:1-34.

Hypertrophy, gene expression, and beating of neonatal cardiac myocytes are affected by microdomain heterogeneity in 3D.

Matthew W. Curtis, Sadhana Sharma, Tejal A. Desai, and Brenda Russell* (2010) . Biomed Microdev 12 1073-1085.

High throughput assembly of spatially controlled 3D cell clusters on a micro/nano platform.

Sadhana Sharma, Daniel Gallego-Perez, Natalia Higuita-Castro, Rashmeet K. Reen, Andre F. Palmer, Keith J. Gooch, L. James Lee, John J. Lannutti and Derek J. Hansford* (2010). Lab on a chip 10 775-782.

Ultra-smooth patterned metals for Plasmonics and Metamaterials

Nagpal P., Lindquist N., Oh S.H., Norris D.J.* (2009). Science, 325, 594. 

Efficient low temperature thermophotovoltaic emitters from metallic photonic crystals

Nagpal P., Han S.E., Stein A., Norris D.J.* (2008). Nano Letters, 8, 3238.

Quantitative XPS Analysis of PEG-Modified Silicon Surfaces

Ketul C. Popat, Sadhana Sharma, and Tejal A. Desai* (2004). J. Phys. Chem. B 2004, 108, 17, 5185–5188.

Controlled release microchips.

Sadhana Sharma, A. Jasper Nijdam, Piyush M. Sinha, Robbie J. Walczak, X. Liu, M.C.Cheng and Mauro Ferrari* (2006). Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery 3(3) 1-16.

Release of biologically functional interferon-alpha from a nanochannel delivery system.

Sadhana Sharma, Gregory B. Lesinski, Kimberly Varker, Piyush Sinha, Mauro Ferrari and William E. Carson* (2005). Biomed. Microdevices 7(1) 71-79.

Long-term biocompatibility of NanoGATE Drug Delivery Implant

Robbie J. Walczak, Anthony Boiarski, Michael Cohen, Teri West, Kristie Melnik, John Shapiro, Sadhana Sharma, and Mauro Ferrari* (2005) Nanobiotechnology 1(1) 35-42.


Evaluation of the stability of nonfouling ultrathin poly(ethylene glycol) films for silicon-based microdevices.

Sadhana Sharma, Robert W Johnson and Tejal A Desai* (2004). Langmuir 20(2) , 348-356.


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