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Sachi Bio presents at ISSR&D Conference as it aims to become the first company in the world to test RNA Therapeutics in Space

Sachi Bio presented data on human brain organoids and their treatment with Nanoligomers, to the space community in the ISSR&D conference held during summer of 2023 in Seattle, USA.

Sachi Bio is pioneering the field of RNA therapeutics as it aims to carry out studies with its novel Nanoligomer therapeutic modality in space to test and validate novel key gene targets and lead molecules against range of neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's diseases, ALS, and MS.

As one of the few Drug discovery companies selected by In Space Manufacturing program of NASA to advance commercialization of the LEO environment, Sachi Bio is leading the pharmaceutical sector, specifically, the RNA therapeutics field, to become the world's first company to fly and test RNA therapeutics is space.

Why Space?

Space is an interesting environment for biology. Disease pathology is space has been shown to be accelerated due to factors like microgravity. At Sachi Bio, we are taking advantage of this to accelerate drug discovery.

The challenge of Space.

Space is an exciting environment, but is it an easy one, unfortunately, no!

Microgravity environment, along with limitations of access to scientific infrastructure, makes it challenging to carry drug molecules, to administer them, and then carry out complex experiments.

Microgravity strongly influences factors like convection, and overall transport. This can be a huge problem for drug molecules to get in to cells. Another major challenge is the shelf life and drug stability in the space environment. These are important factors that limit experiments in space, and present a huge challenge for standard drug molecules such as biologics and small molecules.

Nanoligomers, our Super heroes in Space, and on Earth.

Sachi Bio's Nanoligomers are a novel RNA Therapeutic modality, they are stable, and most importantly, have overcome the biggest hurdle of the RNA therapeutic field, "delivery." Nanoligomers can directly target genes of interest and hence reveal which genes are important for disease. Nanoligomers are engineered to have superior transport properties that enable them to be delivered into cells even under microgravity conditions. This offers an exciting opportunity, i.e. using the space microgravity environment for accelerated discovery. Sachi Bio will be sending brain organoids made from cells derived from healthy and patients with disease to space to validate effectiveness of Sachi Bio's lead Nanoligomers. If successful, Nanoligomers will offer hope to millions of patients here on earth suffering from debilitating neurodegenerative diseases.

Sachi Bio continues to be committed to bringing better, rational, accelerated and accessible treatments to patients and hope for them and their loved ones.


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