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Facile accelerated specific therapeutic (FAST) platform develops antisense therapies to counter multidrug-resistant bacteria. 

Kristen A. Eller, Thomas R. Aunins, Colleen M. Courtney, Jocelyn K. Campos, Peter B. Otoupal, Keesha E. Erickson, Nancy E. Madinger, and Anushree Chatterjee* (2021). Nature Communications Biology 4:331.

Transcriptome-based design of antisense inhibitors potentiates carbapenem efficacy in CRE E. coli.

Thomas R. Aunins, Keesha E. Erickson, Anushree Chatterjee* (2020). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117(48) 30699-30709.

Gold nanoclusters cause selective light-driven biochemical catalysis in living nano-biohybrid organisms

Bertram J.R., Ding Y., Nagpal P.*, Nanoscale Advances, 2, 2363-2370 (2020).


Isolating the Escherichia coli transcriptomic response to superoxide generation from cadmium chalcogenide quantum dots.

Aunins T.R., Eller K.A., Courtney C.M., Levy M., Goodman S.M., Nagpal P., Chatterjee A.*, ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 5, 4206 (2019).


Multiplexed deactivated CRISPR-Cas9 gene expression perturbations deter bacterial adaptation by inducing negative epistasis.

Otoupal P.B., Cordell W.T., Bachu V., Sitton M.J., and Chatterjee A.*, Nature Communications Biology 1:129 (2018).


Transcriptome level signatures in gene expression and gene expression variability during bacterial adaptive evolution. 

Erickson K.E., Otoupal P.B., and Chatterjee A.*, mSphere 2:e00009-17 (2017).


Sequence-specific peptide nucleic acid based antisense inhibitors of TEM-1 beta-lactamase and mechanism of adaptive resistance.

Courtney C.M., and Chatterjee A.*, ACS Infectious Diseases 1 (6), pp 253–263 (2015).


Multiple Energy Exciton Shelves in Quantum Dot-DNA Nano-Bioelectronics.

Goodman S.M., Singh V., Ribot J.C., Chatterjee A., Nagpal P.*, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 5,3909 (2014).


The Tolerome: A database of transcriptome-level contributions to diverse Escherichia coli resistance and tolerance phenotypes. 

Erickson K.E., Winkler J.D., Nguyen D.T., Gill R.T., and Chatterjee A.*, ACS Synthetic Biology 6 (12), pp 2302–2315 (2017). 

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